How I Scammed a Scammer

May 25, 2022

If you've been keeping up with my antics, I recently released a Forum as a replacement to RaidForums (Since it was seized).

So far we have had a few impersonators and people attempting to scam our users, but I became aware of this particular scammer when looking up our forums name on Telegram a few days ago. (Link to the Thread I posted when I first found out about it here: [Clearnet] [Hidden Service])

Also I'll provide the screenshot here for anyone who doesn't want to visit the Thread:

Taking a look at the list of "Databases" he has for sale, it is literally a carbon-copy of RaidForums old Official Index (With some more recent breaches thrown in, all of which I have found to be 100% public as well).

(Full Image here if it doesn't load correctly for you: )

Once I became aware of this I decided to email the person running it, and give them an offer to buy the Telegram username.

You can see here I offered him $500 (Which I would've legitimately paid if he accepted, as it isn't that much).

He quickly denied this offer however, stating that "we sell databases for users come from this channel for about 2k$ each month". At this point I was quite annoyed as he was selling public databases to people while tricking them into thinking he's affiliated with the Forum. After he told me he was actively scamming our users, I had zero plans on paying him anything, so I shot my offer up to 4k (While also mentioning that I would not go first for the deal).

Then he replied to my offer of $4k with $10k, so I agreed. I told him to transfer the group to my account.

At first he wasn't too keen on this idea, so I told him my "Reputation" was on the line if I were to scam him (I'm sure you would also agree in this situation that what I did was justified, it was done to stop the active scamming of our users). I further continuted my email to say that he would be able to turn everyone against me if I were to run with the Telegram username (LOL).

After a bit of back and forth, we agreed that I would post an Announcement on the Forums stating I was buying the Group, so if I was to scam him then everyone would know (I honestly still don't understand why he thought this made any sense). After 24 hours, I got this amazing email:

After he gave me the group, I swiftly took his permissions away and banned him.

His Telegram name is "Xiu", I have zero clue if this is his real name or not. Just a tad bit of nice information.

After this happened he obviously wasn't too happy, so he asked for $15k and said this: "What you don't pay us, you will lost double of it and we will get double (maybe not today, lol)". I believe he implies that I will lose 30k, and he will get 30k if I do not send him $15k. I do not know how he believes this is possible but I suppose only time will tell. I replied thanking him again for the username, and telling him how much I love it.

So far the only thing he's done is DDoS our website, which was mitigated. He now claims that he will be starting his own forum, and I strongly encourage everyone who thinks that I am in the wrong to join it (assuming he will even figure out how to setup a forum). I replied saying I cannot wait to see it, as I'm sure it'll either be a theme-rip of BreachForums (Which is a theme-rip of RF), or it'll look like raidforums2.

In conclusion:

  • Do not attempt to scam our Users
  • Even scammers need a Middleman sometimes

If you wish to discuss this blog-post, you can reply to this thread here:


A threat actor on the internet

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