I'm not whitepacket you idiot

Nov 16, 2021

I have told Vinny maybe 20+ times now that I am not WhitePacket. However, in his tiny mind where the only threat actors that can exist are NSFW, WhitePacket & Peace Of Mind, I must be one of these people, right?

Read this shit-show article beforehand if you want to understand what I'm replying to https://shadowbyte.com/blog/2021/pompompurin-fbi-email-hack/
(Archived for the eventual deletion): https://archive.md/bFeTk

"In this instance, the attribution of Chris’ involvement in the PomPompurin group is incredibly simple and straightforward. PomPompurin recently left a critical clue in several of his leaked databases that allowed us to create a straight line back to Meunier."

Vinny has a long history of mixing aliases in his mind, and interchanging them whenever it's convenient to fit his narrative. Here you can see that quite clearly. In the first sentence of the quote he calls me a "Group" (I'm not), and then in the second one he says "his". This not only assumes my gender which is highly offensive in this day and age, but it contradicts what he said in the sentence before it. How can a "Group" be a "he"?

OG.Money Explaination

Vinny thinks the fact that I own og.money proves that I am WhitePacket, but this also makes zero fucking sense. Maybe check the domain registration date, you moron? Lets check it real quick for you since you don't know how to run a whois command.

$ whois og.money
Domain Name: og.money
Registry Domain ID: b2e79158a15143e7acbaee41c1d2ae1a-DONUTS
Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.tucows.com
Registrar URL: http://www.tucows.com
Updated Date: 2021-11-14T02:02:32Z
Creation Date: 2020-09-26T00:16:42Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2022-09-26T00:16:42Z

"Creation Date: 2020-09-26".

Now, let me explain how I actually got the domain really quickly (It'll blow your mind!)

1) I noticed the domain OG.Money in Vinny's "TDO" Report, thought it looked cool

2) I checked the domain, saw it was owned by a domain Reseller. They most likely bought it after Chris let it expire. They bought the domain in 2020.

3) I contacted said domain Reseller, and bought the domain from him for around $250.

Domain being transferred to my Dynadot account after paying the domain Reseller who owned it. And yes, I had my account set as Vinny Troia's name.
"Unfortunately, registration for the og.money domain is private, but according to Domain Tools, Og.Money was first registered in 2016 and appears to have never changed hands".

Vinny clearly has done zero investigating. If he were to do as much as a whois command on the domain he would've saw it changed hands. Maybe he shouldn't be relying on some Shitty domain whois history website that didn't even have an up-to-date record.

"Examining the OG.Money Source Code"

The code for og.money is copied from cybercrime.su, I left the cybercrime.su part specifically to troll Vinny and expose how he will go off of stuff being proof when it isn't. Also, that code isn't used to host the "cat background" for OG.Money, that is a meta tag. You can even see in the screenshot you took that the "background-image" style value is only "cat.jpg", (e.g. this would translate to og.money/cat.jpg) and only the meta tag is using cybercrime.su/cat.jpg

Here is a funny image I made the day before Vinny released his report, referencing the cybercrime.su in the og.money source code as one of the things he will point out as being "Evidence".

You don't need to believe I really made this image yesterday if you don't want to, but I did. I sent it to WhitePacket to show what I think Vinnys report will be based off of. but I'm sure Vinny won't trust his word nevertheless.
Image provided by "ExaByte" AKA "Valentin0" AKA "Bishop99" AKA Vinny Troia

In this screenshot he took, you can clearly see there is a gap in ownership. I seriously don't know what he's trying to reference, or how this proves anything. "SEDO" is a domain reselling//marketplace platform, you can see it multiple times in the DNS History.

"A personal Conversation with PomPompurin: The Icing on the Cake."

In this section, Vinny references a chat I had with him when I social engineered him into sending me a hacked database for the website ScatForums (Which he left out btw, I think this is an important detail). Part of the reason I blurred out part of the conversation is you aren't allowed to dox RF (RaidForums) Members, but also because it just brings more questions than answers.

I was talking to someone else while talking to Vinny. They were telling me what to say to him. At this point of time I've made many friends in the Community, I was talking with one of these people to tell me what to say, as I had zero clue who "Dion" was.

I also blurred out the part in the second screenshot where Vinny asked me for the siph0n.in database, yet again: because it brings more questions than answers. The thread was just suppose to be funny showing how stupid Vinny is, not to bring a bunch of unanswered questions.

It can aslo be seen in this screenshot below from September, where I had zero clue who "dio" was, so I took this screenshot and messaged someone to ask. I didn't remember the incident from May where I social engineered vinny into sending me the leaked database from ScatForums, because then he said "Dion" then and not "dio".

Taken Sept. 23rd 2021. Vinny thinks I am multiple people. Maybe this is a reverse of Dissociative identity disorder, should get some medical professionals to check up on Vinny.

Lastly, a copypasta shouldn't be considered evidence. His blog reads as if it was written by someone who has zero clue of what counts as evidence in court (Hint: it was).

Undeniable proof that I am WhitePacket since I posted a joke.

This joke would only be "homosexual" if I was a man. It would not be homosexual for a female to write what I said above. Vinny does not know my Gender. Unless you have my ID which states my gender, I don't think you have the power to automatically assume I am a man. You don't even know my first name.

In conclusion, I am not WhitePacket, nor do I have any relation to him. Maybe if I finally get arrested you will see how wrong you are, and how I'm truly just a random person who was never apart of this community up until recently. Your reporting is some of the worst I've ever seen, and you never provide actual evidence that police could use. If anything, you ruin cases by involving yourself in shit by selling databases // actively helping these people.


A threat actor on the internet

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