Why ransomware is good

ransomware Oct 28, 2021

TLDR: Ransomware is good, and if you say otherwise you're just mad you can't do it. Here are my top five reasons as to why I think ransomware existing BENEFITS people

1: It helps companies be more inclined to care about their security. Don't want to pay a $100,000 dollar ransom to a Russian Cyber-Gang? Maybe next time don't run an exchange server from 2003 with RDP open, you idiot. "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes". Didn't you know RDP stands for Ransomware Deployment Protocol?

2: It exposes companies who don't have a care in the world for their own security. I think I would need to try if I were a company just to have a chance of being ransomed. HOW BAD IS YOUR SECURITY?

3: If a ransom demand is more than affordable for a company, but they still refuse to pay and instead allow customer records to be leaked, who's the worse person? You could've paid to protect your customers information, but instead you allowed it to be leaked. (This does not apply to Public Schools // Hospitals, from my point of view it's a different level of rude to ransom people trying to learn or save lives, especially if they can't afford it. )

4: It's free money (For the ransomer at least). Wanna make a few thousand? Just go and find some companies running outdated software and ask them politely for some money. If for some odd reason they don't take too kindly to you, leak a bunch of massive archives on your hidden service that has a max download speed of 200KB/s. That'll sure teach em.

5: I can't think of a fifth reason, maybe I'll edit this later and add one.

Thanks for reading! More blog posts coming soon from your favorite threat actor, POMPOMPURIN